Kaleidoskop & Maya Dunietz

Concert with works by Emahoy Tségué-Maryam Guèbrou & Maya Dunietz2022

© Sonja Müller

© Dudi Hasson

On November 25, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop will perform a concert with Maya Dunietz at the St. Matthäus Church in the Kulturforum Berlin. In Maya Dunietz the ensemble will encounter an artist who, like Kaleidoskop itself, oscillates between artistic disciplines. The artist, composer and pianist Maya Dunietz works on the thin borders between visual art, performance and music, combining classical composition techniques with improvisation in her works and incorporating spatial contexts and the audience's interaction with the works.

In the collaboration between Kaleidoskop and Maya Dunietz, they will experiment with different forms of connection through sound and question how individuals can create connection through sound. In the interplay between proximity and distance of voices and instruments in space, Dunietz and Kaleidoskop will give a glimpse into their collaborative creative process on November 25 at St. Matthew's Church.

In addition to compositions by Maya Dunietz, pieces by Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou will also be used as material. Dunietz has a long-standing friendship and ongoing artistic collaboration with the 98-year-old Ethiopian nun and composer. Guèbrou's melodies are imbued with a melancholic joy that combines a liturgical blues, European influences and Ethiopian traditions. For this collaboration, Maya Dunietz has rearranged selected piano works by Guèbrou for Kaleidoskop.

With Violins – Mia Bodet, Anna Faber, Yumi Onda, Mari Sawada, Daniella Strasfogel | Violas – Ildiko Ludwig, Yodfat Miron | Celli – Boram Lie, Sophie Notte, Michael Rauter | Bass – Fatima Agüero Vacas | Piano – Maya Dunietz
Composition & musical direction Maya Dunietz
Production assistance Carla van der Minde
Production Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop (Boram Lie, Volker Hormann, Michael Hohendorf, Alexander Krupp, Anna von Glasenapp, Nina Braatz)
Passed Events
Kaleidoskop & Maya Dunietz
Saturday, 06/17/2023
5:00 PM Uhr
St. Matthäus Kirche
Kaleidoskop & Maya Dunietz
Friday, 11/25/2022
6:00 PM Uhr
St. Matthäus Kirche

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