Sound of Difference

Maya Dunietz & Solistensemble Kaleidoskop2024

Filmstill © Yael Bartana

Filmstill © Yael Bartana

© Dudi Hasson

The project Sound Of Difference has been developed in recent years through collaboration between composer Maya Dunietz and Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop. The compositions Sound Of Difference and Fruit Sorbet, born out of research, serve as a starting point for an artistic exploration of new sonic and performative dimensions, pushing the boundaries between liberation and control of sounds. Dunietz and Kaleidoskop create a complex, non-binary, ambivalent environment where technology is incorporated into art in a highly poetic manner.

In Athens, Kaleidoskop collaborates with musicians from the city. Kaleidoskop and Dunietz see this type of collaboration as a search for a form in which the diverse experiences of the invited artists can horizontally merge to collectively create a whole.


Maya Dunietz (1984) – Sound Of Difference (2022-2024)
Ana Maria Avram (1961-2017) –
Chiaroscuro für 3 Celli (2011)
Maya Dunietz (
1984) – Fruit Sorbet (2024)