Isabel Lewis & Sissel Tolaas with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop & Ethan Braun2022

Approaching the train ride from Berlin to Luckenwalde as a site itself for meaning-making and storytelling Lewis, Tolaas, Kaleidoskop, and Braun score the 30 minute journey addressing multiple senses in a new work entitled H_SPACE_H. H_SPACE_H is a partitur that the public moves through in which smells, movements and sounds are guiding elements that amplify the experience of the bodily passage through the space and time between Berlin and Luckenwalde. H_SPACE_H unfolds in multiple stages and all of the elements come together as a new ambulatory live art work that will make its premiere on July 30 2022.

H_SPACE_H commences on 30 April as a smell intervention on a carriage of the RE3 train from Berlin/Südkreuz to Luckenwalde, produced from the idiosyncratic smell of EW’s production of electricity, which Tolaas sourced while on a site visit to E-WERK. In June the work grows to include subtle movements, gestures, and indications choreographed and created by Isabel Lewis and finally in July an immersive and multi-site sound component created with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop and composer Ethan Braun is brought together with smell and movement interventions.

The attunement process that begins on the train continues from the Bahnhof in Luckenwalde to the site of the former Mendelsohn Hutfabrik near E-WERK Luckenwalde. Developing techniques of bodily attunement to ecology and practices for transformation of our relation to our biosocial surroundings have long been at the center of the collaboration between Isabel Lewis and Sissel Tolaas. They continue to apply their methodologies in this new collaboration with Ethan Braun and Kaleidoskop.

Saturday, 07/30/2022
1:00 PM Uhr

Start: Bahnhof Berlin Südkreuz