Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop

Founded in 2006 in Berlin, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop has since its inception dedicated itself to the development of new forms of experimental music theater. With great openness, the ensemble creates new formats in collaboration with international artists from other genres and stages music in current contexts. In recent years, the focus of the ensemble's work has shifted to an examination of the body. The members of the ensemble have developed from pure instrumentalists to musical performers and co-authors of these collaborative productions.

Kaleidoskop understands music theater as a place of encounter, community and as a place that has the power to imagine other futures.

Mia Bodet
Rebecca Beyer
Lotte Dibbern
Anna Faber
Boram Lie
Ildiko Ludwig
Yodfat Miron
Sophie Notte
Michael Rauter
Mari Sawada
Daniella Strasfogel
Paul Valikoski
Volker Hormann
Boram Lie
Michael Hohendorf
Anna von Glasenapp
Alexander Krupp
Nina Braatz
Pol Pi
Isabel Lewis
Dirk Bell
Thomas Mahmoud
Juan Corres Benito
Black Cracker
Miguel Pérez Iñesta
Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
Luigi De Angelis
Rainald Goetz
Rashad Becker
Lyllie Rouvière
Ludger Engels
Han-Gyeol Lie
Tom Patchett
Susanne Kennedy
Sebastian Claren
Liesa Van der Aa
Josse De Pauw
André de Ridder
José María Sánchez-Verdú
Lee Ranaldo
Tammin Julian Lee
Christian Kesten (Maulwerker)
Manuel Nawri
Alexander Charim
Vivienne Westwood
Attila Csihar
Yann Becker
Rafael Stachowiak
Hendrik Müller
The ensemble is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of the federal state of Berlin.
Kaleidoskop is a member of FREO – Freie Ensembles und Orchester in Deutschland e.V.